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What Attendees are saying

  • I attended Inspire Photo Retreats this year for the first time and haven't felt this connected with a large group of people since being involved in the music scene. There's a great connection and bond that is like no other, and it felt like home to me.

    Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne, JGD Design & Photography
  • So glad I took part in this retreat and I can't wait to attend again next year! It's on the calendar already for 2014! :)

    Jennifer Lynn Deitz, Roslyn Margaret Photography
  • It was my 3rd time at Inspire, and I only wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks to all of you for what you put into this retreat, and for sharing so much of yourselves and your knowledge. I read this quote today and the planting idea reminded me of Inspire: "When there is scarcity, we worry a lot about getting our fair share—what goes to him doesn't go to me. The harvest becomes fraught with danger and competition. When we worry more about planting, though, sharing the harvest gets a lot less complex. Plant enough seeds and the scarcity eases. In fact, if you plant enough, you'll never have to think twice about the harvesting." - Seth Godin

    Sarah Austin Lehberger, Afterglow Photos
  • I had a fantastic time with staff and my new friends and mentees. Perfect workshop...Exhausted, grateful and INSPIRED!

    Beth Fitzgerald, Blush Imagery
  • I wish this Monday was last Monday so we would all just be getting to Inspire! Sigh.

    Catie McDade, Catie McDade Photography
  • Ok, maybe it's just me - but after all the deep soul searching and delving into the inner heart - I can pull lyrics out of just about every song I hear now and put it into something that connects with what I went through at Inspire!!! Love it!!

    Maria O'Brien, photographer
  • Love all of you guys.... I truly feel a part of your community, and I consider myself lucky to have met each of you. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives!

    Jared Bauman, ShootDotEdit
  • I just wanted to say to everyone on the Inspire team and all the people who were attendees and are now friends...THANK YOU. Thank you for your time, your honesty, and the energy you put into me. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

    Addie Roberge-Gorman, Addie Roberge Photography
  • I don't know about all of you but I am having MAJOR Inspire Photo Retreats withdrawals! can't wait for next year!!!

    Joline Richard, Oh Snap Photography
  • So is registration open for next year yet?

    Jeff Turner, Black Thumb Studio
  • Inspire made me a better person!

    Kenny Clapp, Clapp Studios
  • This experience was exceptional, so very worthwhile and I am stoked that I will be leaving tonight being able to say that I am truly and honestly inspired. :) Fist bump!

    Laura DeCarlo, Laura Dee Photography
  • Had a shoot the day after Inspire and was inspired to try a little different of a technique. I forced myself out of my natural element of always using light set ups. This image is all natural light and a 300 watt tungsten bulb. Thanks to Inspire, I went into this shot with the thought of setting myself up for failure, and just the opposite happened. I'm extremely happy with this image. Thanks to all the good people at Inspire!

    David Apuzzo, David Apuzzo Photography
  • Inspire was AMAZING! I met so many wonderful and talented people! I couldn't get over how genuinely helpful and kind you all were and how no one passed judgement on anyone's work. I have never met a nicer group of people. I already miss all of you! Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful experience. It was so hard coming to work this morning and realizing that my work environment is the EXACT opposite of everything Inspire was about, so I'm even more motivated to get out of here and work with more amazing people like you!! Thank you!!

    Cheryl Paroyan, Cherly Paroyan Photography
  • Inspire was seriously the BEST money I invested not only in my business, but in myself in YEARS. The countdown to 2014 begins today! Met incredible people - and so many others who I could tell were very awesome but I'll have to meet you next year! My only regret: I didn't have the guts to do karaoke. If someone could supply scorpion bowls next year then I'll be up there (that was what happened the one time I drank a scorpion bowl!). Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Tara Walker Hamer, Tara Photography
  • Inspire team, you have created something truly amazing. I attended Inspire two years ago, and enjoyed it, but this year,Inspire Photo Retreats has truly found its legs and heart and turned into an experience that no one in our extended photography community should miss. I realized how truly exceptional this retreat is during the mentoring afternoon. Everywhere I looked, photographers were meeting in groups of two or three or four--laughing, hugging, talking intently, crying, writing furiously and creating real and sincere relationships like I have never witnessed before. And then, the real magic started: impromptu mentoring sessions and meet-ups and discussions started happening everywhere--between classes and after dinner and after bootcamp... It's a tremendous feeling to be part of this warm and wonderful community, and I am quite certain it doesn't end here. If you have one professional development opportunity next year, this should be it.

    Anna Sawin, Anna Sawin Photography
  • I had a hard time figuring out how to start this, so I decided to just jump right into it. I have had an undeniable glowing feeling since I have returned home from Inspire and I felt it important to tell you all what this experience has meant to me. My biggest hurdle as a photographer, and as a person, is my incredible shyness around people I do not know. My heart is pounding just typing this out! I came to Inspire this year ready to learn more about sustaining a successful business, and I did learn a lot about that; however, coming home I have found myself thinking more about my emotional feelings than my new knowledge. During the course of a few days, I met so many incredible people, and I felt welcomed by everyone. There was not a single soul that I came across without an inviting smile.

    Erin O'Brien, Erin O'Brien Photography



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